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What To Look Out For When Designing A Website: 4 Simple Tips

A good web design should not only serve its purpose by conveying a specific message, but also engage the visitor. Colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality are all important aspects of good web design.

Many important factors influence how your visitors perceive your website. A well-designed website can increase trust you and encourage them to take action on your website.

The following are some guidelines to keep in mind as you plan your next web design project.

How can I Design a Website Easily?

I will be using the acronym L.O.V.E to explain these principles for easy recollection.

L – Layout

Have you ever visited a website with a plethora of tabs, drop-down menus, and links that made your eyes hurt, gave you a headache, and you didn’t know where to begin? Well I have!!!

We sometimes try so hard to help visitors find what they’re looking for, that we overdo it by adding too many tabs and pages. Then our visitors have no idea where to begin or what to do.

Begin with a simple choice: What type of menu do you want? Pick one and stick to it. If you decide to put tabs at the top of the page, don’t put a menu on the side. it’s not necessary. If you have more links, Use the footer, or create a mega menu to help your visitors choose easily.

Your next step should be to select menu categories. You should not include more than six tabs or menu items. The essentials are as follows: Home Page, Services/Products, About Us, and Contact. You can include Frequently Asked Questions or another tab that you believe is important to your customers.

Subcategories can be used to create separate pages for different types of services or products that you offer. But don’t go overboard with this. There is only one drop-down menu on the services tab.

Don’t overdo it.

A great layout does the following things:

  1. It improves page interactivity
  2. It improves the User Experience
  3. It makes your website intuitive.

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O- Optimize

Even if you had the most attractive and user-friendly website on the internet, it wouldn’t succeed until people could find it.

The success of your website depends on your presence and exposure across digital marketing initiatives like SEO, social media, and Email marketing.

It’s crucial that you comprehend how to use your material, how to target specific platforms, and how to be found online. Make sure you have a strategy in place because there are thousands of variables that can affect where you show up in the search engines.

For any business looking to succeed online, SEO (search engine optimization) is essential. Your pages and your entire website must be appropriately optimized in order to compete with the existing hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet.

An SEO-Friendly website is created to make it simple for search engines to navigate your site, read its content, and learn more about how your website should be ranked.

  1. You must optimize your content with keyword research.
  2. You must optimize your speed
  3. You must optimize for mobile responsiveness

Take advantage of our Free Website Assessment to help you audit your website and show you where your trouble spots are .

V -Visual Appeal

Visual appeal is a very crucial principle of web design.

You must use appropriate, high-quality imagery that best represents your company’s services or products If your audience’s first impressions of your company are poor quality, they won’t feel secure in making a purchase.

If you do not have your brand elements in place. You must get it sorted out before designing your website because that will enable you to create a style guide that improves cohesion.

Your visual appeal is a combination of color, style, typography, and imagery. They must all work together to bring out the brand you represent.


Color has the ability to convey messages and arouse emotions. You may affect how your customers behave toward your brand by choosing a color scheme that works for it. Limit the number of colors to no more than four. Colors in harmony are really effective. Pleasant color combinations boost user satisfaction and improve client engagement.

Typography is crucial to the success of your website. It grabs the audience’s interest and serves as the visual representation of the brand voice. On the website, typefaces should be readable and employ no more than three different fonts.

Every visual element employed in communication is considered imagery. This encompasses all kinds of graphics, as well as still photography, illustration, and video. The company’s brand personality should be expressed through every imagery, which should also convey the essence of the business.

The majority of the initial information we consume on websites is visual, thus it’s critical to use high-quality photographs as a first impression to give visitors a sense of professionalism and credibility.

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Quick Tip

Use a color scheme that goes well with your brand throughout your website. If you need to grab attention, include one neutral hue and one brighter color.

Every page’s backdrop should be the same color. Try to maintain consistency in the look of your pictures. Finally, Make good use of white space.

E -Eloquence

A fantastic way to keep visitors on your website is to provide them with engaging content. Since information is what most people search for, 38% of visitors will just quit your website if the material is uninteresting and unhelpful. Content is KING

Users will be more engaged if you create content that offers knowledge that benefits your visitors, fosters trust, and positions you as an authority in your industry. Additionally, content is crucial because it informs visitors about your business and ultimately leads to customer conversion.

Content on your website can comprise, among other things, blogs, webpages, videos, audio files, and even TikTok videos and audio files! Not only should your website’s content provide visitors with something to consume, but it should also educate and inform them.

Your content’s formatting is also important. Its success will be aided by producing content that is simple to scan and understand. To accomplish this, make lists or important fact summaries.


The user-friendliness of your website will increase, and calls-to-action will help turn visitors into buyers. A call-to-action on your website can be anything from an add to cart or buy now button to a social network share button, a location to read more, or a place to sign up for subscriptions.

Giving the user clear instructions on what you want them to do is the ultimate purpose of a call-to-action, which will help you achieve your business goals, increase leads, and boost profit margins.

Placement is crucial when it comes to your call to action, which is why working with a professional web designer can help you find the best spots for these elements on your website.


Your website Layout, Optimization, Visual Appeal and Eloquence will set you apart from others in your industry. Your users will love your website and, there is always a high certainty of conversion when these principles are properly applied.

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