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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, we offer recommendations for speedy and reliable hosting with our hosting partners. You can, of course, find your own host, too.

It can last anywhere from 24 hours to 6 weeks. It depends on the kind of website you desire and the functionality you want to integrate into the website. A clear timeline will be ascertained at the beginning of the project

Yes, we offer a minimum of 1-month support. We will create a tutorial hand-over video on how to make edits to your website, but we will still remain in contact with you in case you need any technical support. 

We typically break projects into four payments, but we can be flexible. We do, however, require a 25% – 50% deposit to start the project, and the final payment to be made prior to delivering final services.

Yes! Once we are done with the project, we hand over all the login details to you and you have total control over your website. You could decide to retain our website maintenance services where we’ll periodically update your website and ensure its functioning optimally.

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