The Background

Scrub N Polish Cleaners is a startup cleaning service located in the city of Houston. They wanted to offer cleaning services to the residents of Houston but the challenge was they did not know how to go about it. They had ZERO online presence and could not attract clients to their business. So, they contacted us for website and marketing services. 

What We Did

We began with a getting a clear picture of what they wanted to achieve – and that was to create an online presence that would get more clients to their business. Seeing that it was a new business, and they did not have any digital footprint, we started with market research. We needed to understand what the competition was currently doing. We also carried out transaction intent keyword research.

At the end of our research, we knew what strategy would bring the most results in the shortest possible time, so that was what we embarked on.

Explicit Consults created SEO-optimized content for their websites and created a website that not only matched their brand but was very high-converting. At the end of the website design process, the result was a visually appealing and user-friendly website to effectively sell Scrub N Polish Cleaners services to their target audience.  

In addition to website design, we had to create citations on powerful search engines to boost their local SEO. We created and optimized their Google Business Profile and other business listings, making sure to go local since that’s where their clients were. We set up their booking processes and automated their client’s requests so it was a seamless process necessary for quick conversion.

Explicit Consults also managed Scrub N Polish Cleaners Houston’s social media presence and online marketing efforts. We developed strategies to increase visibility, engage with potential customers, and drive traffic to the website.

The Results

The impact of Explicit Consults’ work was immediate and tangible. Within just a week of launching their online presence, Scrub N Polish Cleaners Houston began receiving inquiries and attracting clients. The professionally designed website, coupled with effective social media management and online marketing, played a crucial role in driving business growth.

We were excited when they told us that a client paid as much as $1,000 for a residential cleaning. Scrub N Polish Cleaners Houston is delighted with the results achieved with the help of Explicit Consults. Their expertise and dedication have not only enhanced the cleaning service’s online visibility but have also translated into tangible business success. With a growing client base and increased inquiries, Scrub N Polish Cleaners Houston looks forward to continued growth and success, thanks to the invaluable partnership with Explicit Consults.

We are glad to have hired Explicit Consults for our business. We just started out and needed help with our online presence. They designed our website which was excellent, and managed our social media and online marketing. Within a week of opening, we started to get calls and clients...they are great at what they do. I will definitely recommend them.
Scrub N Polish Cleaners
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