DIY WordPress Academy
For Beginners

This WordPress Course is for Beginners
that want to learn web design either for convenience or to start a career.

WordPress Beginners Academy
From Start to Launch in 7 Days

Welcome to the WordPress Academy Course offered by Explicit Consults, a leading web design company! Are you interested in learning how to design stunning WordPress websites, even if you don’t have a technical background? This 7 Days one-on-one coaching session is designed just for you!

Our course is carefully crafted to provide you with a solid foundation in WordPress by empowering you to create beautiful and functional websites. Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or aspiring web designer, this course will equip you with the essential skills needed to build your online presence.

Duration - 7 Days

This comprehensive module is designed for beginners who want to learn WordPress web design from the ground up. 

It takes you through the entire process of building a website using WordPress, starting from the basics and progressing to the launch of a fully functional and visually appealing website. WITH NO CODING SKILLS REQUIRED

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Areas we will Cover

Part 1: Understanding your Core

Part 2: Design and Customize

Part 3: SEO Foundations

Part 4: Wrap Up and Launch



You’re just 7 Days away from not just an amazing website,
but a business-transforming experience



You’re just 7 Days away from not just an amazing website,
but a business-transforming experience

Frequently Asked Questions


I will coach you and ensure you are able to complete a web design project confidently before the end of our session.

If you try, but still need help, I will work with you individually to get your business online, I am that committed to your success.

When it comes down to it, the question of whether The WordPress Academy is worth the investment is really up to you.

Of course, you can crawl through thousands of YouTube tutorials containing conflicting pieces of training and spend countless hours trying to put all together. 

Or you can make a one-time investment in the WordPress Academy and receive access to a one-on-one training, with a web design expert holding your hand, answering your questions, and showing you how it’s done. than ever.

When you decide to join the Academy, you’re investing in more than just an online course – you’re investing in yourself, your business, and your future profitability.


I will have pre-made templates you can use and customize, drag and drop editors, and show you how to use them all.


meet your coach

Hi! I'm Grace

A couple of years ago, I was just like you…I had started experimenting with design and didn’t really know just how powerful and liberating a web design business could be. I am a self-taught web designer who started out with ZERO tech and coding experience, and a burning desire to consume every design-related material I could lay my hands on.

My first website design was for my church, and it was free. Shortly after we launched the website, I got my first client. It was at that point I realized that by helping people solve their design problems, I could make some money. And that was how I became a web designer. 

I didn’t have it easy, and I wish I had a hands-on coach to show me just how it should be done. That’s why I started WordPress Academy. To hold the hands of those who want to create websites on their own. 

Now I am helping others achieve their dreams with my WordPress Academy course.

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Enroll Now in the WordPress Academy!!!

A one-on-one coaching program that takes you from scratch to launch.

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