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  • You're not attracting the kind of clients you want to work with
  • Your website is outdated and not bringing in any leads
  • You do not have an online presence and don't know where to begin.
  • You have products and services that could benefit more people than you can currently reach
  • You know you will make more money if you had a website
  • You need a platform to generate and collect leads for your business

Hi there! I'm Grace

I'm a brand and web design expert that helps small business owners attract their dream clients through strategic brand and web design. 

Your business visibility and growth are my priority. I build and showcase your brand, so you can make more sales.

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What we will cover

A review of your business
We will try to understand who your target audience and ideal client are, and then take a look at your messaging and branding to ascertain where changes are needed.
An assessment of your online presence
We will check to see how your business is faring in the online space and give you tips and recommendations on how to keep it active and market friendly.
A review of your Google Profile
We will assess how optimized your Google Profile is, your keywords and to recommend necessary actions
An assessment of your website if available
We will assess the structure, navigation, content, optimization, and your call to action. And show you ways you can make more money with your website.
notebook beside the iphone on table
Reviewing your business and/or website to show you how marketable it can be. This call will leave you confident that your products and services are been seen by potential clients that are ready to buy from you.
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We are glad to have hired Explicit Consults for our business. We just started out and needed help with our online presence. They designed our website which was excellent, managed our social media and online marketing. Within a week of opening, we started to get calls and clients...they are great at what they do. I will definitely recommend them.
- Scrub N Polish Cleaners
New to online business and trying to start a small business online, we needed all the help and assistance we could get and explicit consults basically held our hands through every phase. Our website is looking amazing and looking to launch very soon. We are very excited and cannot thank Explicit Consults enough. Their professionalism and excellence is seen in their work. Definitely recommend them anytime!
- D'Genfa Jewelry
notebook beside the iphone on table
We are different in our brand and web design approach because, we don't just make websites for the fun of it, we design with your business in mind. We get into the customer's mind with research and walk their path through your website to ensure that they click their way into a booking button.
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